Wayne M Pecht Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Reviewing your Estate Plan Effect of New Tax Act on Gift Tax The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and Charitable Giving

The new tax act passed by Congress in December 2017 has had a tremendous impact on tax planning.Estate and gift tax provisions are among the Internal Revenue Code provisions affected by the new tax act.

Article by Wayne M. Pecht

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Richard J Sgrignoli Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Important Changes to the PA Mechanics’ Lien Law

There are several new changes to the Mechanics’ Lien Law that went into
effect on January 1, 2017.The new law sets forth a series of “Notices” that, if ignored, could result in a significant forfeiture of rights.The Department of General Services created a website to serve as a standardized statewide system for filing construction notices.

Article by Richard Sgrignoli

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Adam G Klein Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Insurance Issues Raised by Harrisburg Wall Callapse

It wasn’t Howard Henry’s fault. He didn’t cause the retaining wall of a neighboring property to come crashing down onto his Cameron Street business, Howard Tire and Auto, last May. He didn’t do anything to create confusion about who is responsible for that century-old wall, a battle still being fought as three different entities deny ownership.

Article by Adam G. Klein

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Stuart S. Sacks Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Courts Find It’s Harder To Tell Who Is A Parent

The Pennsylvania Superior Court for the first time has held a third-party sperm donor liable for the financial support of two children born to domestic partners as the result of artificial insemination procedures. If ever there was a call for legislative action to set statewide policies, this case and the growing number of others like it, demand that now is the time

Article by Stuart S. Sacks

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