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Since 1973, Smigel, Anderson & Sacks has provided skillful representation to diverse clients throughout Central Pennsylvania. We represent individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in all types of matters. Experience professional representation and commitment to you and your case with representation from our law firm.

We provide our clients with comfortable conference rooms and ample parking. We also have made a commitment to serve the community. Partners and employees are involved in a wide range of civic activities supporting charitable, cultural, and religious organizations.

Client Representation

All client matters are held in the strictest confidence. We understand that the need for legal representation is frequently accompanied by anxiety; our attorneys and staff are sensitive to these needs and stand ready to respond to individual client concerns.

Our practice is based upon service to clients. Smigel, Anderson & Sacks, has also made a commitment to serve the community. Partners and employees of the firm are involved in a wide range of civic activities supporting charitable, cultural and religious organizations. Click on any Attorney’s name to read more about them and their areas of expertise.

Leroy Smigel Attorney In Harrisburg, PA

LeRoy Smigel

Stuart S. Sacks Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Stuart S. Sacks

Gerald K. Morrison Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Gerald K. Morrison

Stuart J. Magdule Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Stuart J. Magdule

Heather D. Royer Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Heather D. Royer

Wendell V. Courtney Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Wendell V. Courtney

Adam G Klein Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Adam G. Klein

Alexander J. Palutis Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Alexander J. Palutis

Eric M Morrison Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Eric M. Morrison

Michael R Kelley Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Michael R. Kelley

Darryl J. Liguori Attorney in Harrisburg PA

Darryl J. Liguori

Wayne M Pecht Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Wayne Pecht

Robert L Knupp Attorney in Harrisburg PA

Robert L. Knupp

Deborah E. Crum

Randall S. Pajovich Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Randall S. Pajovich

Maureen A Weidman Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Maureen A. Weidman

This firm was top-notch in taking a vested interest in my needs and paid close attention to detail. I was impressed with the professionalism, customer service and cost-effectiveness in working with this firm.

Hands down one of the most courteous and professional law firms I’ve ever worked with. Their dedication to my case and helping me throughout the entire process is outstanding. Thank you for everything!!

Great attorneys with skill and experience. Everything went smoothly.

Top notch law firm!

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