Adoption and Assisted Reproduction
Legal Services for adoption cases are provided to families seeking to adopt as well as biological parents seeking to place children for adoption. Our office has been involved in over 600 adoptions, both domestic and foreign. These cases have presented a wide range of issues which have given us extensive experience in this area. We have also handled adoptions involving interstate placements in over 30 states. For persons interested in adoption placements, we can also assist you with referrals to appropriate home study agencies and other entities and services critical to adoption placements. Step-parent adoptions are also a part of our adoption services.
Stuart S. Sacks , with over 30 years of experience in this area of practice, and who leads this area of practice, speaks throughout the state on adoption issues. He frequently provides continuing legal education lectures to PA attorneys.
Adoption is often a miracle for families who cannot have children on their own. A loving, safe and secure home may be the best choice to make for your child. Good information is important in making the decisions that are right for you.
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Infertility often involves complex medical considerations. The relationships between you and others also have legal considerations.
form new families. These services can create unique legal relationships between unmarried couples, donors and recipients, partners, surrogates and even husbands and wives. In some cases, the laws are clear. In other cases these unique relationships result in a mix of custody, visitation, support, adoption and inheritance laws that do not always fit the new technology. Unintended consequences can tie together relationships where none were intended. You have the right to know how these relationships affect you and your loved ones. Surrogacy, adoption, donor agreements, co-partner agreements, and other arrangements should be made to achieve certainty for you. When you have questions, we are here to help. Be complete, be in control and get the answers.
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Frequently Asked Questions
"How do I find a loving couple to adopt my baby?"
You have options. We can help you identify a loving family who will provide a stable home. You can be very involved in that process or only give guidelines to assist in the selection.
"What costs are involved and who pays for the costs?"
Costs are the responsibility of the adopting family. Pennsylvania law exists to protect all parties.
"Is everything confidential?"
Yes, we understand the concerns that you have at this time and we respect your privacy at every step along the way. If you choose adoption, you can decide how involved you want to become with the adopting family. You do not have to lose touch over the years. Many adopting families provide pictures and updates. There are different plans for different people.

"Is there someone with whom I can speak to explain everything to me?"
Call today to get the information you need. Stuart Sacks and three legal assistants are available to answer your questions with no obligation. Getting the information you need now will help you make the right choices for you and your child.