The Business Team at Smigel, Anderson & Sacks has grown with the needs of the regional business community. Our clients include small to large businesses such as banks, medical and dental practices, real estate developers, credit and collection agencies, printers, employment agencies, restaurants, funeral homes, architects, software companies, accounting firms, dry cleaners, non-profit organizations and more. From Sole Proprietorships to Corporation, we have the specific knowledge to guide your business to a prosperous future through experience-based planning and development.
  • Entity Selection - Sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, business and non - profit corporations, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies
  • Business Finance - Raising money for your business needs through private securities' offerings
  • Business Operations - Making your business more profitable and enhancing shareholder equity
  • Professional Network - Strong working relationship with experienced, well-respected local accountants , financial, insurance and business advisors/consultants
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Handling all aspects involved in the purchase or sale of all types of privately owned business
  • Intellectual Property - Protecting your business name and proprietary products and information
  • A law firm for the 21st century - Representing Internet companies and other high technology ventures
  • Experience - Representing medical and dental professional practices as well as all other types of business entities for over twenty-five (25) years
  • Tax Planning - Offering expert tax advice for small and large corporations of all sizes and for entities taxed as partnerships
  • Business Litigation - Litigating shareholders' and partners' rights
  • Contracts - Drafting and negotiating contracts necessary for all types of business transactions
Business planning and counseling services are offered to assist clients in achieving personal and professional developmental objectives. As counsel for professional practices, sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, professional and business corporations, the firm stands ready to meet all of the needs of varied business interests. Services include formation and dissolution of partnerships and corporations, commercial transactions and financing, employment and contract negotiations, pension and profit sharing plans, and syndications exempt from federal and state securities registrations. Careful tax planning to maximize client goals is a significant part of all client services. The following represents a sampling of some of the business planning and business checkup services offered by Smigel, Anderson & Sacks.
Business Audit
The Business Team at Smigel, Anderson & Sacks can assist you by protecting you from some common pitfalls. When you chose to incorporate your business or formed a limited liability company or limited partnership, your primary consideration was to protect yourself from personal liability for the entity's debts. Our Business Audit is a "check-up" to make sure that your protection is in place and may include:
  • Preparation of Annual Meeting Minutes and Resolutions
  • Review of Corporate Books & Records
  • Analysis of the need for a Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Review of Stock Ownership, Operating Entity and Potential Areas of Liability
  • Analysis of Insurance & Accounting Practices
Business Succession Planning
Professional practices and business enterprises need planning for the disability, retirement and/or death of owners, key employees and their families. Business Succession Planning offers concrete plans to guide principals, partners, shareholders and their families through the many phases of their business relationships. Succession Planning plays a vital role in estate planning, buy-sell agreement, deferred compensation and retirement plans, life insurance and disability programs, all of which can be tailored to meet specific business needs.
Whether your business is manufacturing, construction company, or professional practice, your single greatest asset and expense are your people, both owners and employees. Reviewing Employment Issues, Executive Contracts, Pension Plans and HIPAA Compliance addresses the challenges of getting, keeping and compensating excellent people. Click any service to find out more about our business checkup service.
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