Free Family Law and Estate Planning Seminars

Please understand that all of our seminars are completely cost and obligation free. Our seminars are held directly at our office complex located at 4431 N. Front Street, 3rd Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17110. Please RSVP for any upcoming seminars you wish to attend, and if you’re looking to take advantage of free consultations, please contact the appropriate attorney directly. Thank you!

Family Law Seminars
RSVP with Vicky: Email | 717-234-2401

  • February 18th: Noon and 5PM
  • February 19th: Noon
  • April 21st: Noon and 5PM
  • April 22nd: Noon
  • June 16th: Noon and 5PM
  • June 17th: Noon
  • August 25th: Noon and 5PM
  • August 26th: Noon
  • October 20th: Noon and 5PM
  • October 21st: Noon

Estate Planning Seminars
RSVP with Jess: Email | 717-234-2401

  • January 21st: Noon and 5PM
  • January 22nd: Noon
  • March 17th: Noon and 5PM
  • March 18th: Noon
  • May 19th: Noon and 5PM
  • May 20th: Noon
  • July 21st: Noon and 5PM
  • July 22nd: Noon
  • September 22nd: Noon and 5PM
  • September 23rd: Noon
  • November 17th: Noon and 5PM
  • November 18th: Noon

Free Consultations

If you’re looking to take advantage of a free consultation, please contact the appropriate attorney directly below via phone or email to schedule an appointment. They are ready to review your case to see what options are available to you. With our years of experience helping people just like you, you can feel confident know that we will lead you in the best direction.

Send us a Message
We understand if you don’t have the time to make a phone call, are just looking for some general advice or want to quickly register for a seminar. Don’t hesitate to send us a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!